Sell your wines

Sell your wines to VinsGrandsCrus

Sell your wines to VinsGrandsCrus

Individual or professional, are you looking to sell some or all of your wine collection?

We are interested! Vin Grands Crus offers an efficient and easy way to sell your wine.


Contact us 1. Contact us

Do not hesitate to send us your list of wines with the details of the vintages, sizes, packing details (original wooden cases or loose bottles), condition of the labels, levels and corks.

Fair valuation of your wines within 48 hrs 2. Fair valuation of your wines within 48 hrs

Our expert team will get back to you quickly and efficiently to provide you with a fair price for your wines. No intermediaries.

Collection 3. Collection

We can organize the collection and transport of your wines from your cellar / warehouse to our cellar. Our expert staff can take care of all the arrangements such as bond transfers, collections, and re-packing if the total amount of the transaction is high enough.

Secure Payment 4. Secure Payment

We pay on the day of the collection by bank transfer or cheque.


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Selling your bottles of wine may be a great opportunity and your motivations to do it may be various.
VinsGrandsCrus will give you some reasons why you should decide to sell your wine:

  • It maybe that you want to renew your wine cellar or just get rid of your wines.
  • Your taste in wine has changed and you want to sell your bottles of wine to buy new ones.
  • Grand crus will have more value (whether monetary or gustatory) at their peak than in the following years. This is why selling your wines to buy new ones is a wise decision.
  • Wine prices are rising sharply.
  • You have received an inheritance, succession but that is not exactly something that you are passionate about.
  • You lack the space to store your wines in good conditions
  • You need money to carry out a project

As you may have noticed, there are several reasons that can lead you to take this decision and it is especially necessary to say that it is better to sell your bottles of wines and to take advantage of them than to lose them because actually, wine is not eternal! This is why VinsGrandsCrus can accompany you in the important steps of this decision.


Nowadays there are many ways to sell your wines. You can call a wine merchant at auctions, physical merchants/traders or you can sell them on the Internet.


Selling wine or buying bottles of wine on the internet is very simple, and is even more popular than selling them in physical stores. To sell or buy cellar wine successfully, you should take into account several criteria. At VinsGrandsCrus the steps for you to sell yours wine are simple, fast and efficient. First of all, you just have to contact us, specifying the wines you want to sell with some basic information:

  • Their domain
  • Their vintage (wine year)
  • Their format
  • The state of their labels
  • The condition of the caps/capsules
  • The level of the wine
  • Their picture (depending on the case, everything will depend on the vintage)

Then, we will give you an estimate of your wines corresponding to their real value, the price of the wine and no supplementary costs.


We have been selling wine since 1978 and are passionate about it.
VinsGrandsCrus is a family structure that offers you a real, loyal and discreet proposal.

But why choosing VinsGrandsCrus?

  • We have a group of responsive buyers, that count with very precise and fast tools to calculate the value of grands crus on the market, which enables us to answer you within 24 hours
  • We have a stock of 4000 wine references and 50 000 bottles in our Maurecourt cellar, which we have been able to gather thanks to our expertise in the wine market and our relationship with the biggest brands and domains.
  • Our cellar has a constant temperature and a perfect hygrometry which helps maintain the level of excellence of all our wines.
  • Since we manage a large volume of sales, we are in measure to suggest you the best margins on the market to sell your wines online.
  • We pay cash, buy your bottles of wine with payment upon delivery and do not charge any commission on your wines, which is not the same if you sell your wines in auctions (auctioneers).
  • We also value Grand Crus from international customers, which allows higher valuation and total discretion.
  • In addition, we can go to your home to pick up your wines.