Cédric Bouchard

Cédric Bouchard

Cédric Bouchard: The product of an experiment

The Cédric Bouchard house is very original. It was actually born from an experiment. In 2000 Cédric Bouchard, the son of a Champagne producer, met some organic producers and decided he wanted to try his own luck. He was then lent less than 1 hectarea, and his experiment was a resounding success. Today, Cédric Bouchard wines are emblematic of their region, and in particular of the Les Roses de Jeanne house. Despite the recent nature of this house, its modest production, the Cédric Bouchard wine is well established and of a high quality: 3,600 bottles are produced each year.
Each vintage is a proof of this house quality. They are all made with pinot noir, pinot blanc and chardonnay. From the beginning, the first cuvee of "Roses des Jeannes" was a resounding success. Its wines are very diverse, with hazelnut, plum or even brioche flavors. Ripe fruits are privileged. On the other hand, it should be notice that the production is extremely modest, and that the winemaker is not destined to develop in quantity. It is therefore difficult to get one of these bottles, which are almost confidential.

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